Giving youth access to quality education in Dalaba, Guinea, West Africa


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Did you know that “Guinean” is the first most common (12%) nationality among the nationalities of asylum seekers and immigrants attempting to enter Europe from the Mediterranean Sea since January 2018?  (UNHCR, 2018). The rate of university graduate unemployment in Guinea is over 50% (TamTamGuinee, n.d.) which helps to explain the high desire of even educated young people to escape the country to go to the West.  Jeune Espoir is doing its part to address this problem by providing education that is better tailored to meet labor market opportunities, by teaching skills that will enable students not only to qualify for employment but to create employment, and by researching the causes of unemployment in order to advocate for better education and economic policies.  

The lack of up-to-date educational resources and corruption-proof learning management is a distressing problem in Guinean schools, a significant cause of the poor standard of education and academic performance in the country. Most schools and educational centers rely on traditional resources and methods for teaching and managing students, classes, and tests. However, those resources do not promote learning mastery in this digital age, and they facilitate cheating and corruption in learning evaluations, thus disincentivizing students to study.  Students have neither the access to educational resources that allow them to achieve higher mastery of their classic subject matter nor the ability to be self-learners and to apply what they learn to create or secure employment in place. The Program Description below gives details of JE’s approach.

The Purpose of Your Donation

In 2019 we aim to give 400+ youth in the city of Dalaba, Guinea, access to a digital format of their high school curriculum, a set of skill training courses for prospering in place, a safe learning environment especially for female students, and training in leadership with integrity.  Your donation will be used to run Centre Espoir (Center of Hope) for a year, which includes management, new course development, monitoring & evaluation, facilities, computer maintenance, research and innovation, and inclusion funds. We appreciate whatever you can give and thank you in advance for your support!

Program Description

At Centre Espoir, in addition to our live training, we deliver interactive and user-friendly computer-based courses through a unique Learning Management System (LMS).  The LMS is a local server that allows students without the internet to download resources on their devices for work and study at home offline, then sync their progress with the LMS when they go back to our center. The LMS also enables us to track and measure student progress in corruption-proof ways. Our courses not only teach people skills, but they also teach them how to self-educate and to innovate. They better prepare students for both national tests and future employability because they bring real-life experience in learning. The courses encompass simulations, interactions, multiple testing methods, videos, images, narrations, as well as Project Based Learnings. Our program has proven the ability to assure mastery by the fact that students who have benefited from it in Dalaba pass the Bac at much higher rates than students who have not.  The computer-based courses, as well as the LMS’s ability to significantly improve educational delivery, make our project unique and innovative.

Jeune Espoir will continue to develop and refine its pilot project in Dalaba throughout 2019 with the goal of implementing it more broadly in Guinea as soon as funds are available.

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Campaign Giving youth access to quality education in Dalaba, Guinea, West Africa